CBD Isolate vs. CBD Distillate

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CBD Isolate vs. CBD Distillate

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The wide range of potential benefits—from pain relief to reduced anxiety and improved heart health—have drastically increased the popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) in recent years. CBD products can be purchased nearly anywhere, from online, to coffee shops, to convenience and grocery stores. CBD is easily infused into gummies, lotions, tinctures, balms, and more, which has created a broad spectrum of market opportunities.

CBD is typically extracted in one of two ways: isolation or distillation. This blog post will discuss these two methods and help readers determine which is most appropriate for them.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is pure CBD, extracted from the hemp plant and fully filtered to remove any other substances. You’re left with a pure, isolated cannabidiol that contains no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or other cannabinoids. A high-quality isolate shouldn’t contain any other additives or contaminants. Occasionally, some manufacturers will add terpenes back into their isolate products, but the majority of isolate products contain the isolated form of CBD. For example, at Loud Associates we produce a powder is that 99% pure CBD.

CBD isolates have no taste or smell, which makes them ideal for people who don’t enjoy the naturally earthy flavor of other hemp products. CBD isolate is quite versatile, featuring excellent potency without altering the taste of products it infuses. It’s a popular choice for making gummies and other edibles, and it’s used in cosmetics, tinctures, vaping, and more.

CBD Distillate

CBD distillate isn’t quite as refined as an isolate, so it retains a variety of cannabinoids, terpenes, fatty acids, fiber, and more to provide some of the other potential benefits the hemp plant has to offer. It contains a lower percentage of CBD to make room for other cannabinoids, including CBG, CBN, and others, some of which are believed to have additional benefits. For example, CBG may help with skin inflammation, glaucoma, and colitis, while CBN may have uses as a sleep aid. Distillate is popular in food supplements, capsules, vaping, cosmetics, and more.

Though distillate is more likely to contain trace amounts of THC, the amount is miniscule, well below the legal threshold, and won’t produce the effects associated with that particular cannabinoid. CBD distillate can be sold and consumed safely and legally everywhere, while products with more potent levels of THC can only be sold in states with laws permitting recreational or medical marijuana use.

Both isolation and distillation processes require these steps:

  • Crude extraction.Cannabinoids are extracted from the plant, typically using solvents. For solvent-free extraction, extreme pressure or rinsing processes are used.
  • The extract, solvent, and any other impurities congeal and separate in a cold environment, making it possible to remove impurities. This takes up to two days.
  • The cannabis is activated with heat.
  • Distillation and purification. Steam and fractional distillation are the most commonly used processes.

Isolate vs. Distillate: Which is Best For You?

It’s largely a matter of personal preference and what you’re trying to achieve by supplementing with CBD. For the inclusion of more compounds and their associated potential benefits, distillates may be the best option. For buyers who want distillates without the earthy flavor, there are tinctures in flavors like cinnamon, peppermint, or lemon. Try the natural distillate before you discount it, however, as many people enjoy the natural flavor.

For a flavorless, pure CBD option, CBD isolate is the purest and most potent form of CBD. Consuming edibles or tinctures made with isolate provides the full benefits of CBD in a potent dose. Many isolate consumers have reported that it helps with pain relief and a variety of other physical and mental health concerns. An isolate is also less likely to contain any THC, while a distillate may contain trace amounts.

At Loud Associates, we work with licensed farms and facilities to produce high-quality wholesale CBD isolates and distillates. We can provide the CBD manufacturers require to create their own CBD products, and we also offer a selection of private label hemp extracts, balms, and our proprietary line of Pure HempSmokes.

If you have any questions about isolates vs. distillates, which is right for your needs, or you’d like to place an order, please contact us.


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