A Guide to Smokable Hemp

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A Guide to Smokable Hemp

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Smoking hemp is nothing new, but it’s quickly gaining popularity as an alternative for people who want the benefits of CBD without experiencing the high associated with marijuana. As more people discover how CBD can help them, and more research backs up the positive experiences people are already having, the demand for smokable hemp will grow. If you’re not yet familiar with it, now’s the time to consider incorporating it into your life.

What Are Hemp Buds?

Like marijuana, hemp belongs to the cannabis sativa plant family—but unlike marijuana, it contains an incredibly small amount of THC, the cannabinoid responsible for the mind-altering effects that come from smoking marijuana. However, hemp is rich in a specific cannabinoid called cannabidiol, or CBD, and the hemp bud holds the highest concentration of CBD when compared to the leaves or roots of the plant. Therefore, it is the hemp bud that is harvested for smoking.

Hemp buds are basically the flowers of the hemp plant, even though they don’t look much like a typical flower. When dried, you can crumble them for use in a pipe or to roll in paper.

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Why Should You Smoke Hemp?

By law, smokable hemp has no more than 0.3% THC. Any percentage above that would require the substance to be classified as marijuana, thereby making it illegal in some states and differently regulated in others. These laws allow you to rest assured that if you are purchasing smokable hemp, the THC content is sufficiently low.

Growing organic hemp on plantation, conceptual imageCBD offers a number of potential benefits that are continuing to be studied, and smokable hemp gives you those benefits without the high you’d get from the THC-rich marijuana. While some people enjoy those effects, there are many others who have no interest in getting high, but still want to take advantage of what CBD can do for them.

The practice of smoking hemp is in itself relaxing, and according to Harvard Health, CBD has been used to treat chronic pain, inflammation, insomnia, anxiety, and even childhood epilepsy syndromes. Smokable hemp is also a great alternative for people who are trying to quit smoking tobacco. Hemp smells and tastes better than tobacco, and it may offer the same sense of relaxation and relief from anxiety that many smokers seek when they reach for a cigarette. For some smokers, it can help them manage cravings as they eliminate tobacco smoking.

It’s important to note the difference between smokable hemp and industrial hemp. Smokable hemp is grown especially for its CBD content, while industrial hemp is grown for the fibers that are used to make rope, clothing, paper, and even biodegradable plastic. That makes industrial hemp harsh, and smoking it will probably give you a headache—that is, if you can even get it to burn well enough to smoke it.

Smokable hemp is an efficient way to give your body access to the beneficial cannabinoids available in the hemp plant while eliminating the risk of a mind-altering experience. At Loud Associates, we produce premier CBD and hemp products, including Pure Hempsmokes. We work with licensed farms and facilities that grow and process legal hemp varieties to offer you high-quality smokable hemp, CBD isolate, winterized crude oil, and more. Contact us to learn more about smokable hemp and its benefits.

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